Long-Term Strategic Plan

Black Americans do not have a long-term strategic plan. As an easily identifiable group of nearly 50 million people--a nation within a nation--Black Americans are well advised to develop a long-term strategic plan. Such a plan would facilitate better decision-making. Once developed, each important decision could be made within the context of the long-term strategic plan. In this way, Black Americans would not have to continually reinvent the wheel when it comes to making decisions about critical issues; we could simply refer to previous decisions that were made within the long-term strategic plan framework. Such a plan and system for decision-making would help produce forward progress on a variety of fronts--arguably, none more important than Black economics.


A long-term strategic plan should reflect at least three key components: (1) A conceptual framework; (2) an operations plan; and (3) an evaluation plan. As the term implies, the conceptual framework should delineate the contexts, definitions, and scopes of the plan. The operations plan should provide road maps (objective elements) with milestones and timetables for executing the plan. Finally, the evaluation plan should serve as a tool for tracking progress and for updating the plan on a periodic basis.


Build a Long-Term Strategic Plan for Black (African) Americans


This page is a forum for building a long-term strategic plan for Black Americans. Your intellectual contributions to building this plan will be posted below in the suggested strategic plan categories (additional categories will be added as required). Please send your written contributions to the plan to blackeconomics@blackeconomics.org.


A key ingredient to nation formation is a unifying identity.  The Lost Found Nation of Islam has offered the following interesting and informative analysis of identity for Black Americans. They suggest that Black Americans refer to ourselves as "Afrodescendants."  See "Our Identity - Why It Is Important."


Proposal: "Developing a Strategic Plan for Black (African) Americans"


Strategic Plan Components:


History - Delineating Black (African) Americans' Past

Family - Comprehending the "Art" and "Science" of Family

Culture, Language, and Religion - Our Expressions

Health - Producing and Preserving Our Health

Education - Solving the Human Capital Conundrum

Economics and Business - Making Our World

Politics - the Politics of Making Our World



The above components await your intellectual contributions.

In connection with building a long-term strategic plan for Black Americans, see Essay 3, "Point Zero Nation Formation for Black Americans" in CHOSEN:  Black America's Calling.

To review one approach (plan) for initiating basic economic development in Black areas of influence in the US, consider Phase I of the ABAFA (Africans Building Africa for Africans) Plan. Click here.  

In 2006, the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists held a conference in Gary, Indiana with the purpose of developing a strategic plan. Several papers were prepared in connection with the conference. The late Prof. Ronald Walters invited BlackEconomics.org to comment on the papers. Click here to review the comments. The original papers are available from BlackEconomics.org upon request. Feel free to comment on our comments or to request the aforementioned papers.