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"What is GDP?"


  "What is a Recession?" 


"What is an Average Consumer?"


  "Why Does the Federal Reserve Board Raise and Lower Interest Rates?"


 "What is Inflation?"


  "Quantitative Easing"


  "What is the IRS?"


   "What are Fair and Flat Tax Systems?"


 "What are Progressive and Regressive Taxes?"


 "What are Stock Markets?


 "What is Financial Credit?" 


  "What are Deficits and Debt?"


  "Why are there So Few Black Banks?"


  "What is a Business Plan?"


  "What is the Business Cycle?"


  "World Summits"


  "What is Monetary and Fiscal Policy?"


  "What is the Money Supply?"


  "What is the Political Business Cycle?"


    "How is the Unemployment Rate Measured?"



Economic Minute is proposed as a broadcast that informs listeners concerning economic concepts, issues, and events.  It is designed to address the absence of economic insights.  It is proposed as a one-minute daily broadcast that informs and instructs.  It will capture the minds and imaginations of young and old and it motivates action.  It creates economic agents who make wise economic decisions.  It has the transformative powers required to assist those who listen to improve their economic well-being. 


Program prototypes are provided below.

BEV for BAF Interviews


A series of four BEV for BAF (Black Economists' Visions for Black America’s Future) Interviews concern Black America’s economic future


Dr. Gregory Price, Charles E. Merrill Professor and Chairman of the Economics Department at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, provides a BEV for BAF interview to concerning the role of Black males in Black America’s future.  LISTEN

Dr. Cecilia Conrad, an economist, Vice-President, and Academic Dean of Pomona College in Claremont, California, provides a BEV for BAF interview to concerning the role of education in Black America’s future.  LISTEN

Dr. Margaret Simms, Senior Fellow and Director of the Low-Income Working Families Project at the Urban Institute in Washington, D.C., provides a BEV for BAF interview to concerning the role of economic advancement and asset formation in Black America’s Future.  LISTEN


Prof. Walter E. Williams, a Commentator and John M. Ohlin Distinguished Professor of Economics at The George Mason University, provides a BEV for BAF interview to on the role of education and the family in Black America's future.  LISTEN

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