Black Economic Concepts, Issues, Plans, and Policies



Change:  Black America's Religion is a book that presses Black America to develop a religion "for us, by us," which will enable successful and prosperous nation formation.


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Chosen:  Black America's Calling is a book that enables Black Americans to identify their proper role for the current millennium, to recognize the need for movement, and to formulate a realistic strategy for nation formation.



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Choice:  Black America's Decision is a futuristic social essay that transmits the seed of nation formation for Black America.  It considers the past, present, and the future; it delineates the poor strategic decision making that has, and will, prevent Black Americans from achieving our goals, and it motivates consideration of nation formation as a valid alternative for Black America's future.


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53 is a monograph, which recounts Afrodescendants' nation formation and independent living efforts, and it provides a statistical analysis of seven socio-economic categories in a "53" paradigm out to 2050.   


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Pay to Let Us Go:  Afrodescendants' Benefits and Costs to America explores the fiscal burden that Blacks impose on the American Society.  We estimate the benefits and costs, and compute the burden.  We ask, "Is the burden too much to bear?"


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Monologue on Race:  A Pump Primer for Afrodescendant Thought invites Black Americans to consider today's status quo and appropriate responses to it.  It is a 360-degree thinking guide on Afrodescendant issues:  From "the most important issue facing Black America today" to "What happens if we fail to achieve our expected rise."  We welcome your comments and questions.


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The Tragedy of Contemporary Gospel Music is a monograph that analyzes the extent to which Afrodescendants use tools at our disposal to solve our problems.  It contains musical, content, and statistical analyses in order to explore how Contemporary Gospel Music responded to the Great Recession of 2008-2009. 

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A 3rd Freedom is a monograph that recounts a brief economic history of African descendants' first two freedoms in the United States and builds a case for a third freedom, which will feature nation formation.  It is a logical next step for African descendants who are experiencing severe adverse political, social, and economic outcomes in the country today.  We suggest that the third freedom be considered in the context of a broad, long-term economic strategy. 

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21st Century Protests: A Handbook for Black America spells out 12 powerful strategies for moving Black America from the status quo and toward improved economic and social well-being and, potentially, nation formation. It is a must have for those planning Black American protests; especially those who wish to embody economic components in their protests.   Available now!  


The Case for Nation Formation is a collection of seven commentaries that build on Coates' "The Case for Reparations." It is unique because it delineates rationales for a Black American effort to initiate our own new nation. The book describes why we are prepared and qualified to operate our own nation, and it discusses potential outcomes if we do not make the effort. The social-political-economy is ripe for nation formation efforts. It is up to us to take advantage of this temporary opportunity.

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