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Black Business Idea!


In this globalized market, we as black people in business need to harness the power of unity and work together in a structured way.  A business, on its own, will struggle to survive and those starting businesses will struggle to get started. Black businesses need to work together to promote each other. Why not develop a website that promotes all black businesses. Then have each business individually promote every other business. Also discounts can be offered to customers that shop at related black businesses.  It might also be able to develop a database of all customers, who patronize black businesses, so that customers can be notified of new black business starting in the area.  We also need to encourage and support business entrepreneurship in every field so that we can give our people no excuse for not buying black. Black people ultimately need to learn to love each other more, and within the word love is the word duty. Whatever you love you are duty bound by it and dutifull to it.  You will take care of it, help it to grow, support it, and give it the best possible chance of survival.


Comment from Andrew in the U.K.

(December 24, 2009) 

Black Business Idea!


Marcus Harris has provided comments (02/09/11) on Andrew's statement below. suggests that interested parties crunch the numbers to determine whether Marcus' proposal is viable; i.e., profitable.

Video Documentary:


Korean Take-Over of the Black Beauty Supply Industry


Hair care and beauty products constitute a multi-billion dollar U.S. business. Black Americans purchase far more than their proportionate (14%) share of these products. That is, billions of dollars are leaving the Black community and entering the pockets of those who control the industry. As one respondent in the subject video documentary notes, “Some Blacks would rather go without food than to leave their hair ungroomed.”


Given that they spend so much money in the industry, why don’t Black Americans control the industry? How did Koreans seemingly gain control of the industry? How can Black Americans obtain control of the industry? Answers to these questions are available by viewing the four-part documentary, Korean Take-Over of the Black Beauty Supply Industry.


We thank the creator of the documentary, Aron Ranen, for bringing the documentary to our attention. played no role in producing the documentary and cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies that it contains.

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Black Business Idea!


See comments from Ms. Mary (06/05/12) on Marcus Harris' comments.

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