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Announcing a New Release!

A 2024-2029 Strategic Plan for Securing Black American (Afrodescendant) Reparations. A nine-chapter pocketbook that uses these ripe times to urge an accelerated surge in the pursuit of Black American (Afrodescendant) Reparations. It provides background information for leveling the conversation field on the Reparations topic. It offers a concise strategic plan for securing reparations in the near term. It vanquishes traditional arguments against extending Reparations to Black Americans (Afrodescendants). Most importantly, it suggests a pain-free method for paying the Reparations claim.

When the BlackEconomics.org website was first developed in 2005, it included a page entitled Long-Term and Strategic Plan (LTSP) for Black America. In 2008 we made an appeal for the development of an LTSP. However, the goal of developing such a plan was not achieved until 2022 and 2023, when a “grassroots” LTSP Panel produced a Long-Term Strategic Plan for Black America. BlackEconomics.org’s chief contributors participated as members of the LTSP Panel. At a minimum, please consider the Executive Summary.

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