About Us

Dr. Brooks B. Robinson is founder and primary contributor to the BlackEconomics.org website. He earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He obtained a master’s degree and a doctoral degree from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. All three degrees are in the economics field. His working career spans 25 years with the US Government and five years with one of the world’s premier international organizations. He taught economics and business courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels. He worked in Africa, Asia, and the US, and traveled six of the globe’s seven continents. He founded BlackEconomics.org in 2005 and has written and spoken on numerous Black economics topics.  

Selected pre-2005 commentaries and essays by Dr. Robinson may be viewed on a Project 21 webpage.

Mr. Lindsey “Rob” Robinson obtained a Bachelor of Political Science Degree from the University of Florida. He holds two advanced degrees: (1) Management from Florida Tech; and (2) Education from The Old Dominion University. His working career includes 23 years with the U.S. Department of the Army where he achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel, specializing in training development and research and development. He is an educator with over 12 years of experience as a middle school classroom teacher in Virginia and Florida. He was an active member of the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers. As a firefighter and union official with the International Association of Fire Fighters, he helped negotiate labor contracts. He is a world traveler who has visited five of the globe’s seven continents. He is author of They Always Get Passes Don’t They? Mr. Robinson confronts a variety of Black economics topics using his unique background and life experiences.