The following are selected Briefs, Commentaries, Essays, Reports, and Working Papers on “Futuristic” topics from a BlackEconomics perspective.

Commentary: “What Does Covid-19 Mean for Black Americans?” (April 19, 2020) (232 KB) [WDC19MBA.pdf]

Proposal Brief:  “Mobilizing Black Religious Organizations for Education”  (January 2020) (328 KB)  [MBROE.pdf]

Strategy Brief:  “More Than a Conqueror: One Black American Strategy”  (August 15, 2019) (381 KB) [MTAC.pdf]

Commentary:  “More on Reparations: Recognizing Reality—Reassessing Requirements” (July 7, 2019) (220 KB) [RRRR.pdf]

Essay:  “How Black America Could Save Billions—Households at Least $500”  (March 30, 2019) (279 KB)  [SaveBillions.pdf]

Analysis:  “What Can Black Americans Produce in Shabazzland? A Black American Supply and Use Table”  (August 15, 2017) (741 KB) [BSUT.pdf}

Essay:  “More Black Banks: Only Part of the Solution”  (August 16, 2016) (155 KB) [MBBOPS.pdf]

Essay:  “Why Not a Black Political Party?”  (August 15, 2015) (195 KB)  [WNABPP.pdf]

Report:  “Highlights from National/International Reparations Summit”  (April 14, 2015) (950 KB)  [SUMHIGH.pdf]

Commentary:  “Science Will Obliterate Racism”  (March 2015)  (128 KB) [SWOR.pdf]

Essay:  “The Economics of Freedom for Black Americans in a Technological World: A Brief Futuristic Essay”  (January 17, 2015)  (186 KB) [TEFBA.pdf]

Commentary:  “From Inequality to Equality: Hypothesizing about the  Possibilities”  (March 7, 2014) (76 KB) [FIE.pdf]

Commentary: “Google May Hold a Key” (April 4, 2011) (164 KB) [GMHK.pdf]

Report: “BlackEconomics.org’s Participation in United Nations’ Minority Issues Forum on Minorities and the Right to Education”  (December 2008) (46 KB) [MIFA.pdf]  Also see “Economics of Education: Substantive Preparation Notes on the Draft Recommendations on Minorities and the Right to Education.” (December 2008) (34 KB) [MIFB.pdf]  Finally, consider the following three Statements that were submitted on behalf of BlackEconomics.org to the Forum: Statement 1 (25 KB) [MIF-Stat1.pdf]; Statement 2 (26 KB) [MIF-Stat2.pdf]; and Statement 3 (27 KB) [MIF-Stat3.pdf]

Working Paper:  “Coming to Africa: Should Black Americans Emigrate?”  (January 2008) (124 KB) [COA.pdf]