The following are selected Briefs, Bulletins, Commentaries, Essays, Reports, and Working Papers on “Futuristic” topics from a Black economics perspective.

Analytical Brief: “What Do You Know About Wealth?” (July 19, 2024) (213 KB) [WDYKAW071924.pdf] This submission poses several important questions about wealth and is a teaser for an analytical brief that dives deep into the wealth topic from a Black American perspective. Readers can read the submission first or go directly to the analytical brief: “A BlackEconomics.org Classificational Anatomy of Wealth” (July 19, 2024) (314 KB) [ABECAOW071924.pdf].   

Essay: “How Unfair is the Global Economic Strategic Game?” (July 12, 2024) [HUGESG071224.pdf] This essay discusses the not so long-term future of African and Middle Eastern nations and their Diasporas, which is being formed by current plays in the global economic strategic game. We ask and venture an answer to the following question: How will these nations and their Diasporas  respond when they realize that future economic convergence may already be precluded?

Essay: “The Criminal Injustice System: A New Perspective” (March 22, 2024) (230 KB) [TCISANP032224.pdf] This essay takes a fresh look at criminal justice systems by posing two questions. To answer the questions, the essay compares crimes and edifice building to assess the “fairness” of the criminal injustice system. For the future, the essay suggests deeper analysis of crimes to determine root causal factors and to dispense justice properly.

Analysis Brief: “Voting from Black Political Report Cards” (January 26, 2024) (286 KB) [VFBPRC012624.pdf] This analysis brief explores the production and use of an objective, purposeful, and systematic tool (Black political report cards) for increasing Black America’s political economy benefits. Ideally, a Black political party would produce these report cards. For the 2024 Presidential Election, Black American voters, organizations, and institutions may develop political report cards to help ensure the most favorable outcomes beyond the election.

Essay: “Blaxit to Afrika” (September 8, 2023) (259 KB) [BTA090823.pdf] This essay offers an analysis that suggests guarded introspection as Black Americans consider emigrating to Africa as one of four important choices we confront in a rapidly evolving and innovating world.

Commentary: “Missing the Point” (June 23, 2023) (281 KB) [MTP062323.pdf] This commentary uses the health sector of the US economy and Black America’s outsized use of it to prove that Black America can evolve an independent, self-reliant, and self-determined economy successfully.

Brief Essay (Interactive): “What is Your Outlook for Black America?” (May 5, 2023) (85 KB) [WIYOFBAL050523.xlsx] This brief interactive essay enables a simplified assessment of your beliefs about Black America’s future. A Microsoft EXCEL file will become available after clicking on the hypertext essay title. Responses to nine questions that are presented in the EXCEL file will provide insights on your beliefs about a favorable or unfavorable future for Black America. Open (Download) and enable editing to interact with the file. Interaction with the file will not be recorded by BlackEconomics.org. Only relevant cells in the file are available for interaction.

Commentary: “Making Discriminators Pay” (April 21, 2023) (262 KB) [MDP042123.pdf] Discusses Black America’s prospects for obtaining important benefits by leveraging new AI technology to fight racial discrimination, and for exhibiting a new demeanor concerning racial injustice.

Analysis Brief: “Lifelines Cut” (February 17, 2023) (224 KB) [LLC.pdf] It is a companion piece to our February 10, 2023 analysis brief, “Cutting Lifelines.” This analysis brief suggests that substantive evidence points to a potential US Government fiscal crisis that could cause unilateral US Government lifeline cuts.

Commentary: “Our 2023 Future” (December 30, 2022) (292 KB) [O2023F.pdf] Comments on potential progress on Reparations during 2023 and how Black Americans should begin to contemplate such a development. There are so many important questions to ask and answer. We consider some of them.

Analysis Brief: “Is Mississippi Configured for Black Self-Determination?” (October 28, 2022) (264 KB) [IMCFBSD.pdf] Analyzes a variety of statistics for Mississippi to assess whether the state is well postured for Black American self-determination. Also see a RESPONSE to this Analysis Brief from Asinia Lukata Chikuyu, “The New Afrikan Perspective” (November 11, 2022) (120 KB) [TNAP.pdf]

Commentary: “Moving Up the Economic Track” (October 14, 2022) (261 KB) [MUTET.pdf] Comments on how Black Americans are poised to engage in the US and international economies in a more dramatic manner through a prospective high-speed rail mega project.

Brief Essay: “Shifts Required” (September 23, 2022) (275 KB) [SHIRD.pdf] Resounds the alarm for Black American labor to shift out of occupations that will be disrupted substantially by a rapidly evolving US economy.

Analysis Brief: “Real-Time SS COLAs: A Simulation” (August 12, 2022) (393 KB) [RTSSCOLAS.pdf] An analysis of estimated outcomes under alternative Social Security COLA regimes.

Analysis Brief: “Employment in Shabazzland” (July 15, 2022) (327 KB) [EMSHABLAN.pdf]

Analysis Brief: “Antecedent Events, Factors, and Conditions” (June 17, 2022) (240 KB) [AEFC.pdf]

Commentary: “A US CBDC and the Black American Economy” (February 11, 2022) (426 KB) [CBDCBAE.pdf]

Bulletin: “A Black American Health Bulletin: An Updated Forecast” (January 28, 2022) (423 KB) [HEALBUL7.pdf]

Commentary: “The Value of Nation Formation” (January 14, 2022) (402 KB) [TVONF.pdf]

Bulletin: “A Black American Criminal Justice Bulletin: An Updated Forecast” (January 14, 2022) (424 KB) [CRIJUSBUL6.pdf]

Brief Essay: “Increasing the Size and Viability of Black Businesses” (December 31, 2021) (418 KB) [ISVBB.pdf]

Bulletin: “A Black American Educational Attainment Bulletin: An Updated Forecast” (December 31, 2021) (396 KB) [EDUCATBUL5.pdf]

Commentary: “Knowing” (December 17, 2021) (388 KB) [KNOWING.pdf]

Bulletin: “A Black American Entrepreneurship Bulletin: An Updated Forecast” (December 17, 2021) (394 KB) [ENTBUL4.pdf]

Commentary: “Reparations Sub-Strategy One: IRPs or EEPs” (December 9, 2021) (398 KB) [RSS1.pdf]

Bulletin: “Black American Income Bulletin: An Updated Forecast” (December 9, 2021) (411 KB) [INCBUL3.pdf]

Commentary: “Consolidating Government’s Third Tier” (December 3, 2021) (368 KB) [CGTT.pdf]

Bulletin: “Black American Employment Bulletin: An Updated Forecast” (December 3, 2021) (389 KB) [EMPBUL2.pdf]

Bulletin: “Black American Population Bulletin: An Updated Forecast” (November 19, 2021) (390 KB) [POPBUL1.pdf]

Report Brief: “Black America’s Employment, Industries’ Size and Growth, and the Future” (November 5, 2021) (485 KB) [BAEISGTF.pdf]

Commentary: “The Truth About Black Banking” (October 29, 2021) (404 KB) [TTABB.pdf]

Commentary: “There Are Plans for Black America, But Black America Has No Plan” (September 10, 2021) (362 KB) [BAHNP.pdf]

Commentary: “A Preliminary Look at the Infrastructure Bill” (August 6, 2021) (421 KB) [PLAIB.pdf]

Commentary: “Another Take on Black American Reparations” (July 26, 2021) (425 KB) [ATBAR.pdf}

Commentary: “Exiting No Man’s Land” (July 9, 2021) (368 KB) [ENML.pdf]

Essay: “How Black Small Businesses Can Hinder Closing the Income and Wealth Gaps” (June 22, 2021) (401 KB) [HBSBCHCIWG.pdf]

Commentary: “What Do You Know About the NBPC?” (June 11, 2021) (386 KB) [NBPC.pdf]

Commentary: L’Histoire Se Répète? (June 11, 2021) (400 KB) [LSR.pdf]

Essay: “Would Black America Benefit from Biden’s Proposed FY 2022 Education Program?” (June 7, 2021) (457 KB) [WBABFT1EG.pdf]

Commentary: “A Memorial Day ‘Then What?’” (May 28, 2021) (363 KB) [TW.pdf]

Essay: “A Black CPI?” (February 25, 2021) (439 KB) [BLACKCPI.pdf]

Commentary: “Resolving the Great Separation: If Unity is What You Seek” (February 1, 2021) (403 KB) [IUIWYS.pdf]

Commentary: “What Does Covid-19 Mean for Black Americans?” (April 19, 2020) (232 KB) [WDC19MBA.pdf]

Proposal Brief:  “Mobilizing Black Religious Organizations for Education”  (January 2020) (328 KB)  [MBROE.pdf]

Strategy Brief:  “More Than a Conqueror: One Black American Strategy”  (August 15, 2019) (381 KB) [MTAC.pdf]

Commentary:  “More on Reparations: Recognizing Reality—Reassessing Requirements” (July 7, 2019) (220 KB) [RRRR.pdf]

Essay:  “How Black America Could Save Billions—Households at Least $500”  (March 30, 2019) (279 KB)  [SaveBillions.pdf]

Analysis:  “What Can Black Americans Produce in Shabazzland? A Black American Supply and Use Table”  (August 15, 2017) (741 KB) [BSUT.pdf}

Essay:  “More Black Banks: Only Part of the Solution”  (August 16, 2016) (155 KB) [MBBOPS.pdf]

Essay:  “Why Not a Black Political Party?”  (August 15, 2015) (195 KB)  [WNABPP.pdf]

Report:  “Highlights from National/International Reparations Summit”  (April 14, 2015) (950 KB)  [SUMHIGH.pdf]

Commentary:  “Science Will Obliterate Racism”  (March 2015)  (128 KB) [SWOR.pdf]

Essay:  “The Economics of Freedom for Black Americans in a Technological World: A Brief Futuristic Essay”  (January 17, 2015)  (186 KB) [TEFBA.pdf]

Commentary:  “From Inequality to Equality: Hypothesizing about the  Possibilities”  (March 7, 2014) (76 KB) [FIE.pdf]

Commentary: “Google May Hold a Key” (April 4, 2011) (164 KB) [GMHK.pdf]

Report: “BlackEconomics.org’s Participation in United Nations’ Minority Issues Forum on Minorities and the Right to Education”  (December 2008) (46 KB) [MIFA.pdf]  Also see “Economics of Education: Substantive Preparation Notes on the Draft Recommendations on Minorities and the Right to Education.” (December 2008) (34 KB) [MIFB.pdf]  Finally, consider the following three Statements that were submitted on behalf of BlackEconomics.org to the Forum: Statement 1 (25 KB) [MIF-Stat1.pdf]; Statement 2 (26 KB) [MIF-Stat2.pdf]; and Statement 3 (27 KB) [MIF-Stat3.pdf]

Working Paper:  “Coming to Africa: Should Black Americans Emigrate?”  (January 2008) (124 KB) [COA.pdf]