The following are selected Briefs, Commentaries, Discussions, Essays, Interviews, Presentations, Radio Programs, Reports, and Working Papers on Media-related topics from a Black economics perspective.

Open Letter: “Open Letter to HBCU Law School Deans: Reparations for Black American Defamation.” (March 10, 2023) (155 KB) [OLTHBCULS.pdf] This open letter proposes that the Big 6 HBCU law schools jointly engage to file a defamation claim in the courts seeking relief for US media defamation of Black Americans. Also, your actionable support is requested.

Radio Program: Dr. Brooks B. Robinson is in a two-hour conversation with WVON’s (1690 AM in Chicago, IL) Atiba Buchanan: MLK’s Day – Prosperity Then and Now (January 16, 2023) (113.8 MB) [BE_ORG_WVON_011623.MP3]. The program commences at the 10-minute mark. Please accept our apology for the frequency and duration of advertisements.

Presentation: “Is the Media a Problem for Black America? Part II” (November 4, 2022) (1,127 KB) [IMAPFBAP2.pdf] Provides lucid images and analysis of the media’s ongoing efforts to feminize Black males, and the need to reverse these efforts.

Essay: “Reparations for Mass Media Defamation” (October 21, 2022) (331 KB) [RFMMD.pdf] Concerns the need for Black Americans to ensure that the courts identify the mass media as a direct and indirect contributing cause/reason for harmful racial bias and racial discrimination in the society, which is another in the long list of reasons for the US Government to extend Reparations to Black Americans.

Summit Participation: Dr. Brooks Robinson participated in an “Afrodescendant Nation Self-Determination Summit 2022” on October 8, 2022. The summit featured a panel of experts who discussed prospects and pathways to self-determination for Afrodescendants.

Essay: “A Reconsideration of Hip-Hop Music: Who is the Opposer?” (September 16, 2022) (366 KB) [AROHH-WTO.pdf] Rob Robinson revisits the failed 1990s war on hip-hop music by noted Black American personalities, and highlights the extraordinary business achievements of important and wealthy Black hip-hop artists then and now.

Report Brief: “Does Your Local Newspaper Present a Preponderance of Biased Black American Images?” (September 16, 2022) (248 KB) [BBAIILN.pdf] Presents an assessment of Black American images in a local Hawaii Newspaper–the Star Advertiser.

Radio Program: co-contributors (Dr. Brooks Robinson and Mr. Lindsey “Rob” Robinson) appeared on Sankofa Revolutionary Radio’s “Calling All Bridge Builders Program” and discussed a water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi and the Alabama gubernatorial election. (September 3, 2022) (89.7 MB) [SRR-090322.MP3]

Brief Essay: “It’s Not ‘News:’ It’s Infotainment” (August 26, 2022) (301 KB) [INNII.pdf] Explores increasing infotainment elements in television “news,” the persistent loss of high-quality and timely information in television “news,” and the related impact on Black American business and economic decision making.

Radio Program: co-contributors (Dr. Brooks Robinson and Mr. Lindsey “Rob” Robinson) appeared on Sankofa Revolutionary Radio’s “The Business Hour Program” and discussed “Concerns about CHIPS,” “Fortuitous Unity and Trust,” and “Antecedent Events, Factors, and Conditions.” (August 9, 2022) (94 MB) [BE-SRR-080922.MP3]

Radio Interview: Dr. Brooks Robinson Discusses “Getting Our Own Street” on “Afternoon with Egonmwan and Buchanan” on WVON, 1690 AM Chicago. (July 26, 2022) (60 MB) [BEVON072622.MP3] Due to technical difficulties, you will join the program in progress.

Commentary: “Media Magic” (July 8, 2022) (222 KB) [MEDIAMAGIC.pdf]

Radio Interview: Dr. Brooks Robinson Discusses Black Political Parties on “Afternoon with Egonmwan and Buchanan” on WVON, 1690 AM in Chicago. (July 7, 2022) (134 MB) [BEVON070722.MP3]

Commentary: “We Have Always Had to Purchase Our Liberties” (June 24, 2022) (249 KB) [LIBERTIES.pdf]

Commentary: “The Media Too” (June 10, 2022) (241 KB) [TMT.pdf]

Radio Interview: Dr. Brooks Robinson discusses the Buffalo Massacre with Messrs. Milton Allimadi and Colin Benjamin on WBAI Radio in New York (May 24, 2022) [WBAIPROG052422.MP3]

Radio Discussion: Dr. Brooks Robinson and Mr. Lindsey “Rob” Robinson participate in a wide ranging discussion on Black socioeconomics issues on Sankofa Revolutionary Radio (WSYP 95.1 in Birmingham, Alabama). (January 28, 2022) [BR-RR-012822.MP3]

Commentary: “Two Noteworthy Developments” (January 7, 2022) (390 KB) [TND.pdf]

Commentary: “Using the Power of the Media for Good” (November 24, 2021) (430 KB) [UPMFG.pdf]

Presentation: “Is the Media a Problem for Black America?” (November 12, 2021) (1942 KB) [IMAPFBA.pdf]

Report Brief: “The Media Gap: Implications for Black America” (October 29, 2021) (623 KB) [TMGIBA.pdf]

Radio Interview: Mr. Anthony Muhammad Interviews Dr. Brooks Robinson and Mr. Lindsey “Rob” Robinson on a Sankofa Revolutionary Radio Broadcast of “The Business Hour” Program. (October 21, 2021) (100.1 MB) [SRR-TBH-102121.MP3]

Essay: “How is Black Entrepreneurship Affected by the Media?” (October 8, 2021) (421 KB) [HBEAM.pdf]

Commentary: “Incorrect Diagnosis and Prescription” (September 3, 2021) (399 KB) [IDP.pdf]

Essay: “What Popular Movies Do and Don’t Do” (May 28, 2021) (404 KB) [WPMDADD.pdf]

Report Brief: TNYT and TWP: Persistent Enemies of Black Americans” (February 7, 2021) (440 KB) [PEBA2.pdf]

Commentary: “The Psychoeconomics of ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ and ‘One Night in Miami'” (January 24, 2021) (400 KB) [TPMRBBNM.pdf]

Responding Opinions: An important shaper of thought on Black American issues, Mr. Dedrick Assante-Muhammad, conflated reparations with the Black-White (racial) wealth gap in  a submission to The Guardian on July 12, 2020 entitled  “The Simplest Way to Close the Racial Wealth Gap? Direct Cash Payments.” responds to that submission with two submissions of its own: (1) “Sundering Reparations from the Black-White Wealth Gap and Spotlighting a More Important Gap” by Rob Robinson (359 KB) [SRFBWWGSMIG.pdf]; and (2) “Why $20K for 20 Years is an Untenable Solution” by B.B. Robinson (511 KB) [W2020YIAUS.pdf] (August 2020; released January 1, 2021)

Report Brief:  “TNYT and TWP: Enemies of Black America”  (February 16, 2019)  (246 KB)  [PEBA.pdf]

Commentary:  “A Poisonous Black Panther”  (March 10, 2018)  (53 KB) [APBP.pdf]

Commentary:  “Banning Adverse Stereotypes for Economic Benefit”  (July 22, 2017)  (156 KB)  [BASEB.pdf] 

Commentary:  “’Selma:’ Lost Time, Lost Opportunity”  (January 24, 2015)  (155 KB) [SELMA.pdf]

Commentary:  “The Most Important Element in ‘Top Five’”  (December 21, 2014) (143 KB) [TOPFIVE.pdf]

Commentary:  “When Does the Exception Become the Rule?”  (November 23, 2014)  (149 KB) [WDEBR.pdf]

Radio Interview:  “Tony Power and Lee Miller Interview Dr. Brooks Robinson concerning resolving the Black-White Wealth Gap”  (January 2, 2014)  (12,394 KB) [TPLM.mp3]

Radio Interview:  “Chicago’s Charles Butler Interviews Dr. Brooks Robinson concerning ‘Black Economic Sustainability’”  (April 30, 2013)  (25,510 KB) [TT.mp3]

Commentary:  “Django Unchained: Survive to Act Another Day”  (December 29, 2012)  (72 KB) [DJANGO.pdf]

Report:  “ Attends the First World Afrodescendant Youth Summit (WAYS) in San Jose, Cost Rica”  (October 5-7, 2011) (159,445 K)  [WAYSFIN.wmv]

Radio Interview:  “Mr. Paul Billings Interviews Dr. Brooks Robinson concerning ’72 Percent of Black Babies Born Out of Wedlock’ for WUVS FM 203.7 in Muskegon, MI”  (November 29, 2010)  (25,472 KB)  [BOWL.mp3]

Article:  “Black Unemployment and Infotainment”  (Published in the Journal of Economic Inquiry: Vol. 47, No. 1; pp. 98-117) (253 KB) [CHAPTERFIVE.pdf]

Radio Interview:  “Mr. Paul Billings Interviews Dr. Brooks Robinson concerning ‘Black Businesses and Black America’ for WUVS FM 203.7 in Muskegon, MI”  (December 2, 2008)  (24,595 KB)  [WUVS.mp3]

Video: “Commercialism and ‘End of Times’ Economics” (November 30, 2008) (5,656 KB) [CETE.wmv]

Video:  “The Problem with CNN’s ‘Black in America’”  (July 27, 2008)  (9,694 KB) [BIAP.wmv]

Video: “Why are There No Black Faces on Greenbacks?” (April 25, 2008) (6,838 KB) [BLACKDOLS.wmv]

Working Paper:  “Media as Cause and Cure for Black American Vulnerabilities”  (May 6, 2007) (77 KB)  [MACACBV.pdf]

Unpublished Manuscript: Black Americans and the Media: An Economic Perspective (2007) (38 KB) [BAMOV.pdf]