The following are selected Briefs, Commentaries, Discussions, and Working Papers on Media-related topics from a BlackEconomics perspective.

Report Brief:  “TNYT and TWP: Enemies of Black America”  (February 16, 2019)  (246 KB)  [PEBA.pdf]

Commentary:  “A Poisonous Black Panther”  (March 10, 2018)  (53 KB) [APBP.pdf]

Commentary:  “Banning Adverse Stereotypes for Economic Benefit”  (July 22, 2017)  (156 KB)  [BASEB.pdf] 

Commentary:  “’Selma:’ Lost Time, Lost Opportunity”  (January 24, 2015)  (155 KB) [SELMA.pdf]

Commentary:  “The Most Important Element in ‘Top Five’”  (December 21, 2014) (143 KB) [TOPFIVE.pdf]

Commentary:  “When Does the Exception Become the Rule?”  (November 23, 2014)  (149 KB) [WDEBR.pdf]

Radio Interview:  “Tony Power and Lee Miller Interview Dr. Brooks Robinson concerning resolving the Black-White Wealth Gap”  (January 2, 2014)  (12,394 KB) [TPLM.mp3]

Radio Interview:  “Chicago’s Charles Butler Interviews Dr. Brooks Robinson concerning ‘Black Economic Sustainability’”  (April 30, 2013)  (25,510 KB) [TT.mp3]

Commentary:  “Django Unchained: Survive to Act Another Day”  (December 29, 2012)  (72 KB) [DJANGO.pdf]

Report:  “ Attends the First World Afrodescendant Youth Summit (WAYS) in San Jose, Cost Rica”  (October 5-7, 2011) (159,445 K)  [WAYSFIN.wmv]

Radio Interview:  “Mr. Paul Billings Interviews Dr. Brooks Robinson concerning ’72 Percent of Black Babies Born Out of Wedlock’ for WUVS FM 203.7 in Muskegon, MI”  (November 29, 2010)  (25,472 KB)  [BOWL.mp3]

Article:  “Black Unemployment and Infotainment”  (Published in the Journal of Economic Inquiry: Vol. 47, No. 1; pp. 98-117) (253 KB) (CHAPTERFIVE.pdf)

Radio Interview:  “Mr. Paul Billings Interviews Dr. Brooks Robinson concerning ‘Black Businesses and Black America’ for WUVS FM 203.7 in Muskegon, MI”  (December 2, 2008)  (24,595 KB)  [WUVS.mp3]

Video: “Commercialism and ‘End of Times’ Economics” (November 30, 2008) (5,656 KB) [CETE.wmv]

Video:  “The Problem with CNN’s ‘Black in America’”  (July 27, 2008)  (9,694 KB) [BIAP.wmv]

Video: “Why are There No Black Faces on Greenbacks?” (April 25, 2008) (6,838 KB) [BLACKDOLS.wmv]

Working Paper:  “Media as Cause and Cure for Black American Vulnerabilities”  (May 6, 2007) (77 KB)  [MACACBV.pdf]

Unpublished Manuscript: Black Americans and the Media: An Economic Perspective (2007) (38 KB) [BAMOV.pdf]