Long-Term Strategic Plan for Black America

During the first decade of this century (2005 to be exact), began calling for a long-term and strategic plan for Black America. Now a “grassroots” Long-Term Strategic Plan (LTSP) Panel has produced a Long-Term Strategic Plan for Black America.’s chief contributors participated as members of the LTSP Panel. At a minimum, please consider the Executive Summary.

This is a superbly crafted and systematic strategic plan that, when properly executed and fulfilled, can ensure Black America’s arrival at an independent, self-reliant, self-determined, and liberated state 100 years hence or before. This plan calls for Black Americans to do for ourselves what no others will or can do for us to seize liberty. Numerous Black American plans exist, but they do not delineate strategic actions for 100 years and also account for developments thereafter.

For a slightly different perspective, consider reviewing Essay 3, “Point Zero Nation Formation  for Black Americans” in Chosen: Black America’s Calling.

“Dialogue on the Pros and Cons of Black American Nation Formation” (August 27, 2021) (611 KB) [DOBANF.pdf]